Delegates Committee

Chair of the Delegates Committee and Chief Operating Officer of the UAA

Lisa Lynch • Brandeis University

Vice Chair of the Delegates Committee

Gina Casalegno • Carnegie Mellon University

Secretary-Treasurer of the University Athletic Association

Chris Bledsoe • NYU

Voting Delegates

Lisa Lynch • Brandeis University

Gina Casalegno • Carnegie Mellon University

Lou Stark • Case Western Reserve University

Enku Gelaye • Emory University

Marc Wais • New York University

Michele Rasmussen • University of Chicago

Rich Feldman • University of Rochester

Lori White • Washington University

Member Institution Delegates

Brandeis University
Lisa Lynch, Provost and Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy
Lauren Haynie, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
Tom Rand, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Carnegie Mellon University
Gina Casalegno, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Josh Centor, Director of Athletics

Kim Kelly, Assistant Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator 

Case Western Reserve University
Lou Stark, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Amy Backus, Director of Athletics

Karen Farrell, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator

Emory University
Enku Gelaye, Vice President and Dean of Campus Life
Mike Vienna, Director of Athletics  

Joyce Jaleel, Senior Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator

New York University
Marc Wais, Vice President for Student Affairs
Elizabeth Philips, Professor of Psychology and Neural Science
Chris Bledsoe, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Director of Athletics 

Janice Quinn, Senior Associate Director of Athletics 

University of Chicago
Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University 
Gary Herrigel, Professor, Department of Political Science
Erin McDermott, Director of Athletics
Rosalie Resch, Associate Director of Athletics

University of Rochester
Gerald Gamm, Professor, Political Science and History, Department Chair 

George VanderZwaag, Athletic Director 

Kristine Shanley, Associate Director/Senior Woman Administrator

Washington University
Lori White, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Anthony Azama, John M. Schael Director of Athletics
Summer Hutcheson, Senior Woman Administrator