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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Football Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Football Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Football Team. One hundred seventy student-athletes earned the honor, including an Association-best 50 from Washington University.


The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Player of the Year (Offense, Defense or Special Teams) or accumulated five or more points with two points awarded for All-Association first-team recognition, and one point for second-team honors in his career.

Among those honored is Brandon Roberts of Washington University, who is the only NCAA Division III recipient of what is widely recognized as the "Academic Heisman" award, when he won what was then called the Vincent DePaul Draddy trophy in 2002. Also on the team is 2008 Draddy (William V. Campbell Trophy) finalist and three-time Academic All-American Brian Freeman of Carnegie Mellon University.

Dan Whalen of Case Western Reserve University is the only three-time Player of the Year, having earned the top offensive honor three consecutive times from 2007-09. Others honored are two-time Offensive Players of the Year Brad Duesing (2004-05) of Washington University, Travis Sivek (2006-07) of Carnegie Mellon, and Dee Brizzolara (2010-11) of University of Chicago. Derrick Brooms (1994-95) of the Maroons also won back-to-back Offensive Player of the Year honors, while Brandon Way (1996, 1998) of Chicago was chosen as the top offensive player twice in a three-year period. Brian Khoury (2015-16) was named UAA Defensive Player of the Year in two consecutive seasons. Dan Calabrese of CWRU (2011-12) earned Special Teams Player of the Year recognition in back-to-back years.

Eleven student-athletes have garnered first team All-Association honors in four consecutive years: Mike Campie, Aaron Lewis, and Sivek of Carnegie Mellon; Sam Coffey, Dale English, and Marcus Kluczynski of CWRU; Brizzolara, Dan Philips, and John Tabash of Chicago, and Duesing and Jim O'Brien of Washington University each earned first-team All-Association honors in four consecutive years.

Twelve student-athletes garnered first team All-UAA honors three times and second-team honors once: Nathan Cheek of Carnegie Mellon; Brian Calderone and Whalen of CWRU; Francis Adarkwa, Vincent Beltrano, Jim Raptis, Way, and Arlen Wiley of Chicago; Ryan Allerman, Jeremy Bellinghausen, Brandon Brown, Jeff Doyle, Alex Hallwachs, Michael Lauber, and Chris Nalley of Washington University.

UAA teams have made 11 trips to the NCAA Division III Football Championship. Carnegie Mellon (2006) and CWRU (2007) have each recorded tournament victories.

University Athletic Association
30th Anniversary Football Team


Jake Abbott, CWRU
Matt Adams, Carnegie Mellon
Francis Adarkwa, Chicago
Mike Albian, Chicago
Ryan Allerman, Washington
Ray Ardire, Carnegie Mellon
Matt Armbruster, Chicago
Frank Baker, Chicago
Scott Barnyak, Carnegie Mellon
Jeremy Bellinghausen, Washington
Vincent Beltrano, Chicago
Sam Benger, Carnegie Mellon
Andrew Berryman, Washington
Patrick Blanks, Carnegie Mellon
Aaron Boehm, Washington
Bobby Bott, CWRU
Dennis Braniecki, Rochester
Joseph Brenner, CWRU
Tom Brew, CWRU
Dee Brizzolara, Chicago
Derrick Brooms, Chicago
Brandon Brown, Washington
Jeff Brown, CWRU
Robert Brown, Rochester
Ben Burton, Carnegie Mellon
Vernon Butler, Washington
Tate Byers, Washington
Dan Calabrese, CWRU
Brian Calderone, CWRU
Mike Campie, Carnegie Mellon
Chandler Carroll, Chicago
Corey Checkan, CWRU
Nathan Cheek, Carnegie Mellon
Drew Christ, Chicago
Ricardo Clarke, Carnegie Mellon
Sam Coffey, CWRU
Isaac Collins, Rochester
Tom Courtad, CWRU
Clay Crites, Carnegie Mellon
Rob Cuda, CWRU
Eric Daginella,  Washington
Johnny Davidson, Washington
Chris Dee, Carnegie Mellon
James Dowd, Chicago
Jeff Doyle, Washington
Brad Duesing, Washington
Josh Dunn, Chicago
Alex Dzierbicki, Chicago
Joe El-Etr, Washington
Dale English, CWRU
Brian Freeman, Carnegie Mellon
Nick Freeman, Chicago
Jason Funke, Carnegie Mellon
Jackson Garrey, Chicago
Robert Gimson, Carnegie Mellon
Matt Gomric, Washington
Joseph Greene, Chicago
Nathaniel Greenstein, Carnegie Mellon
Owen Griffin, Washington
Tim Gronewald, Washington
Matt Hadsell, Chicago
Alex Hallwachs, Washington
Kevin Hammarlund, Washington
Todd Hannum, Washington
Fred Harding, Carnegie Mellon
Josh Haza, Washington
Mike Hettman, Chicago
Stacy Hightower, Washington
Ken Holloway, CWRU
Zach Homyk, CWRU
Kassim Howell, Rochester
Jeremy Hurd III, Rochester
Chuck Jackson, Carnegie Mellon
DaRonne Jenkins, Washington
Cornelius Johnson, Rochester
Ryan Jok, Carnegie Mellon
Justin Kaderabek, Chicago
Rob Kalkstein, Carnegie Mellon
David Kallevig, CWRU
Brian Khoury, Carnegie Mellon
Brad Klein, Washington
Marcus Kluczynski, CWRU
Easton Knott, Washington
Tyler Kohman, Carnegie Mellon
Jon Kuerzi, Washington
Nick Kwon, CWRU
Sean Lapcevic, CWRU
Thor Larsen, Washington
Michael Lauber, Washington
Brian Laudadio, Rochester
Aaron Lewis, Carnegie Mellon
Rick Lloyd, Chicago
Robert Locke, Carnegie Mellon
Geoffrey Long, Rochester
Tim Machan, Washington
Santo Maimone, CWRU
Scott Mainquist, Chicago
Greg Marmol, Carnegie Mellon
Quincy Marting, Washington
Mark Massman, CWRU
Joseph McCoy, Chicago
Brandon McDowell, CWRU
Luke McIntosh, Washington
Mike McLaughlin, Carnegie Mellon
Tyler McSparin, Washington
Jason Merchant, Rochester
Doug Middlebrook, Rochester
James Molnar, Washington
Schuyler Montefalco, Chicago
Chaz Moody, Washington
Austin Morman, Washington
Chris Nalley, Washington
Roman Natoli, Chicago
Jeremy Nawyn, CWRU
Shaun Nicely, CWRU
Anima Nwankwo, Carnegie Mellon
Nelson Nwumeh, Washington
Dan O'Brien, Chicago
Jim O'Brien, Washington
Robert O'Toole. Carnegie Mellon
Fade Oluokun, Washington
Tony Opperman, CWRU
Richard Pattison, Carnegie Mellon
Dan Philips, Chicago
Michael Pignatiello, Carnegie Mellon
Jeff Piscitelli,  Rochester
Danny Polaneczky, Chicago
Joe Polaneczky, Chicago
Ben Potts, Chicago
Jim Raptis, Chicago
Cody Ratermann, Washington
W. Tyler Reid, Carnegie Mellon
Gabe Renna, Carnegie Mellon
Joe Rhein, Washington
Joe Rizzo, Washington
Brandon Roberts, Washington
Zak Ross-Nash, Chicago
Kyle Runnalls, Washington
Tim Runnalls, Washington
Patrick Ryan, Chicago
Gavin Sandidge, CWRU
Jeff Sauer, Chicago
Rick Schmitz, Washington
Jonathan Scholl, Carnegie Mellon
Travis Sivek, Carnegie Mellon
Cory Snyder, Washington
Chubasco Spivey, Rochester
Alec Stanke, Washington
Brad Stanley, Carnegie Mellon
Steve Steinbruegge, Washington
Jeff Stoecker, Washington
John Tabash, Chicago
Rob Tamillow, Chicago
John Tiemeier, CWRU
Ed Trebets, CWRU
Josh Trook, CWRU
Mike Tuertscher, CWRU
Michael Turner, Chicago
Adam Watson, CWRU
Brandon Way, Chicago
Drew Wethington, Washington
Dan Whalen, CWRU
Arlen Wiley, Chicago
Chad Wilson, Carnegie Mellon
Rich Wilson, Carnegie Mellon
Derek Wisniewski, Carnegie Mellon
Clay Wolff, Chicago
John Woock, Washington
Rich Zdrojewski, CWRU
Chad Zimmerman, Carnegie Mellon