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Latye Workman of Brandeis: Creating New Opportunities

Men’s basketball student-athlete Latye Workman is continuing to enhance his overall experience at Brandeis University this summer by taking on real-life work experience.

The rising junior is teaming up with longtime friend Kemar Darlington of Emory University in a business venture. Darlington created an app called IndiePro (, which gives independent artists a platform to market themselves and their abilities. “Kemar’s offer was one I couldn’t refuse as a friend and an aspiring marketer,” said Workman, who has known Darlington since the sixth grade.

"Earlier this year, as I prepared to stop doing music and focus entirely on my studies, I received a glimpse of hope as Kanye West reached out as an interested party in my music," Darlington said. "This single event inspired me to truly pursue my music career while juggling school." 

"On many occasions, a typical artist would record in one place, get his vocals mixed in another, and then get the song mastered in a completely separate location," Darlington said. "As my uber pulled into my dormitory driveway, it hit me," Darlington added. "Why not create the uber of independent artistry? Since then we have been able to create a platform that allows users to buy and sell musical services within the click of a button."

One of the first moves Darlington made was to hire Workman. "I chose him as a creative director because he is able to connect with consumers in an amazing way," Darlington commented. "His ideas are one of a kind and his execution is exceptional! We have known each other for almost eight years and I know that he is the right man for the job."

As newly-appointed IndiePro Creative Director, Workman generates awareness about the app, which includes finding promoters, promoting the company itself, and working on a strategic plan with Darlington. He also manages the company’s Instagram page (@goindiepro).

"We have been able to create a platform that allows users to buy and sell musical services with the click of a button," Darlington said. "We are working on a partnership with Facebook to provide the app to the 300 million registered musicians on the platform. Our app was even recently approved to run on the Facebook platform! In the next two years, we plan to reach all 300 million musicians on Facebook and also expand to other social networks where artists dwell. Latye and I will make sure this happens."

Workman has already been embracing his college experience in his first two years. “Choosing to attend Brandeis was a no-brainer for me,” he remarked. “Amongst the offers I received, it was the best academic school that also competes in a competitive basketball league.”










Workman played in 22 games this past season, traveling to UAA cities for the first time, averaging 2.3 points and 1.7 rebounds per game. “Traveling with my teammates was a great experience in itself,” he said. “Seeing the different schools and facilities was cool.”

He did not hesitate when asked about his most memorable UAA moment so far. “My favorite experience was when we defeated Washington University (69-66 on Jan. 22, 2016) on its home floor,” he recalled. “It was a close, hard-fought game through the whole 40 minutes. The environment and atmosphere was just great to be a part of.”


Photos by graduated Brandeis student-athlete Ryne Williams (