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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Basketball Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Basketball Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Men's Basketball Team. Thirty-nine student-athletes earned the honor, including an Association-high 11 from Washington University.

UAA 30th Anniversary Men's Basketball Release

The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Player of the Year or accumulated five or more points with two points awarded for All Association first-team recognition, and one point for second-team honors in his career.

Among those honored is four-time Player of the Year Derek Reich of the University of Chicago, who was named the Association's top player from 2000-03. Other repeat Player of the Year honorees are Tim Garrett (1989-90) of Emory University, and Chris Fite (1991-92) and Seth Hauben (2004-05) of the University of Rochester. John Di Bartolomeo of the Yellowjackets was named Player of the Year in 2011 and 2013.

Ten different Washington student-athletes have earned Player of the Year honors and an automatic spot on the UAA 30th Anniversary Team: Kevin Suiter (1988), Charlie Borsheim (1993), Kevin Folkl (1995), Brent Dalrymple (1996), Chris Alexander (1999), Troy Ruths (2007), Aaron Thompson (2009), Sean Wallis (2010), Dylan Richter (2012), and Chris Klimek (2014).

Rashad Williams of Brandeis University is the only student-athlete other than Reich to receive First Team All-Association accolades four times, accomplishing the feat from 1999-2002.

Three-time First Team All-Association selections were Steve DeLuca (2006-07, 2009) of Brandeis; Ed Saxon (1989-92) of Case Western Reserve University; Garrett (1988-90), Chase Fawsett (2003-05), Austin Claunch (2010-12), and Jake Davis (2012-14) of Emory; Evan Kupferberg (2014-16) of NYU; Fite (1990-92), Hauben (2003-05), Milsap (1995-97), and DiBartolomeo (2011-13) of Rochester, and Alexander (1999-2001), Folkl (1994-96), Ruths (2006-08), and Wallis (2007, 2009-10) of Washington University. 

In 30 years, 16 teams from the UAA have reached the Elite Eight with eight advancing to at least the NCAA Division III Men's Basketball Championship Final Four. Washington won back-to-back national championships in 2008 and 2009, while also reaching the Final Four in 2007. Rochester captured the national title in 1990, advanced to the title game in 1992 and 2005, and made the Final Four in 2002. NYU played in the 1994 final of the NCAA tournament. 

University Athletic Association
30th Anniversary Men's Basketball Team

Chris Alexander, Washington     
Jason Boone, NYU   
Charlie Borsheim, Washington                         

Sam Borst-Smith, Rochester                            

Austin Claunch, Emory                                 

Adam Crawford, NYU                                   

Brent Dalrymple, Washington                        

Jake Davis, Emory                                 

Steve DeLuca, Brandeis                              

Jesse Determann, NYU                                   

John DiBartolomeo, Rochester                            

Chase Fawsett, Emory                                 

Chris Fite, Rochester                            

Kevin Folkl, Washington                         

Alex Foster, Emory                                 

Tim Garrett,  Emory                                 

Nate Hainje, Chicago                               

Seth Hauben, Rochester                            

Justin Hoffman, NYU                                   

Aaron Horne, Chicago

Chris Klimek,  Washington

Evan Kupferberg, NYU

Bryan Lambert, Brandeis

Andy Larkin, Rochester

Rusty Loyd, Chicago

Nate Maurer, Carnegie Mellon

Jamar Milsap, Rochester

Tyler Nading, Washington

Jon Onyiriuka, Rochester

Carson Oren, CWRU

Derek Reich, Chicago

Dylan Richter, Washington

Troy Ruths, Washington

Ed Saxon, CWRU

Andy Strommen, Chicago

Kevin Suiter, Washington

Aaron Thompson, Washington

Sean Wallis, Washington

Rashad Williams, Brandeis