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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Golf Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Golf Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Men's Golf Team. Forty student-athletes earned the honor, including an Association-best 24 from Emory University.

UAA Men's Golf 30th Anniversary Release

The team consists of each student-athlete who earned Player of the Year honors or accumulated five or more points with two points awarded for All-Association first-team recognition, and one point for second-team honors in his career.

Among those honored is Nick Palladino of University of Rochester, the only student-athlete to earn the UAA Player of the Year award three consecutive years, which he accomplished from 2011 to 2013. Lee Palms (1989 and 1991) and Matt Browning (1998 and 2000) of Emory garnered UAA Player of the Year honors twice. 

Charles Frost (1996-99) and Ryan Dagerman (2009-12) of Emory were the only players to receive All-Association first team honors four times.

George Qian (2014-17) of Carnegie Mellon University, Mike DiLonardo (1997-2000) of Emory, Stephen Goodridge (2005-08) and Palladino of Rochester, and Doug Sufrin (1989-92) of Washington University earned All-Association accolades four times, including recognition on the first team three times. Allan Phillips of the Eagles received All-Association first team accolades two times and second team honors twice.

Other players who achieved first team All-Association honors three times were Jason Steinberg (1998, 2000-01) and Jason Scherr (2002-04) of Emory, and Joe Tomasso (1992-94) of Rochester.

Stephen Fletcher of Brandeis University garnered the UAA Player of the Year honor in 1990, the only player not from Carnegie Mellon, Emory, or Rochester to achieve the top award. John Pharr from NYU made the 30th anniversary team with three All-Association honors from 2005-07.

In 30 years, UAA teams have made 36 appearances in the NCAA Division III Men's Golf Championship. Emory and Rochester have combined for 16 top-10 team finishes with the Eagles finishing in a UAA-best fourth place in 2013. Palms (1991) and Goodridge (2006) each won the NCAA individual title. Jonathan Chen of Emory finished third in 2013, Mike Kiel of Rochester placed fourth in 1992, and Mike Lebow of the Eagles earned a fifth-place finish in 2006.

All-UAA 30th Anniversary Men's Golf Team

Matt Browning, Emory                                       

Kevin Bruni, Rochester                               

Chuck Calcagni, Rochester                              

Jonathan Chen, Emory                                    

Ryan Dagerman, Emory                                    

Brandon Davis, Emory                                    

Mike DiLonardo, Emory                                    

David Ellis, Emory                                    

Jeremy Evans, Emory                                    

Steve Fletcher, Brandeis                                 

Charles Frost, Emory                                    

Bob Goeltz, Emory                                    

Stephen Goodridge, Rochester                               

Tim Hamm, Emory                                    

Drew Harker, Emory                                    

Kennan Hickton, Emory                                    

Colby Hipp, Emory                                    

Lance Holbert, Rochester                               

Byung Kang, Carnegie Mellon                    

Mike Lebow, Emory                                    

Christopher Lee, Carnegie Mellon

John Musselman, Emory

Matt Organisak, Emory

Nick Palladino, Rochester

Lee Palms, Emory

John Pharr, NYU

Allan Phillips, Emory

George Qian, Carnegie Mellon

Mike Quijano, Emory

Jason Scherr, Emory

Dominick Schumacher, Rochester

Jason Steinberg, Emory

Doug Sufrin, Washington

Alex Timmons, Carnegie Mellon

Joe Tomasso, Rochester

Dave Weiss, Rochester

Andrew White, Emory

Ryan Williams, Rochester

Alex Wunderlich, Emory

Connor Yakubov, Emory