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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Track and Field Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Men's Track and Field Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Men’s Track and Field Team. Sixty-nine student-athletes, representing all eight institutions, earned the honor with Emory University and Washington University leading the way with 15 student-athletes on the team.

UAA Men's Track and Field 30th Anniversary Release

The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Most Outstanding Performer at the UAA Indoor Track and Field Championship or UAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship, or won an individual event at the NCAA Division III Indoor or Outdoor Track and Field Championships. 

Among those honored is Chris Williams of Emory, who earned Most Outstanding Performer honors in all seven UAA championships in which he competed (missing the 1995 outdoor meet due to injury). He garnered the indoor award every year from 1993 to 1996, while taking home the outdoor award from 1992 through 1994. 

Ben Harmon of Washington University won six Most Outstanding Performer awards, taking three in each championship meet. He received the honor three consecutive times in the outdoor championship from 2009 to 2011 and also captured the indoor award three times (2008, 2010-11). Thomas Vandenberg of Carnegie Mellon University was named Most Outstanding Performer at the UAA indoor championship three consecutive times from 2013 to 2015. He also received the award at the outdoor championship in 2015.

Troy Thompson (1996-97) and T.J. Jennings (2003-04) of Emory, and Dave Smith (1989-90) of Washington University captured back-to-back Most Outstanding Performer awards at the indoor championship. Thompson earned the outdoor award in the same years he won the honor at the indoor meet. Frederick Linton (2007-08) of the Eagles, Andrew Maneval (2016-17) of University of Chicago, and Tim Julien (1999-2000) of the Bears were named Most Outstanding Performer in consecutive years at the outdoor championship. In addition, Julien received the indoor award in 2000 as did Linton in 2008. 

Geoff Getz of Brandeis University won the 800-meter run at both the 1997 and 1999 NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships. He also captured the event at the 1998 NCAA outdoor meet. Deko Ricketts of Washington University swept the 800-meter run at the 2017 indoor and outdoor NCAA championships.

In 30 years, UAA teams have totaled 17 top-20 finishes at the NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships and 11 more at the outdoor championship.

All-UAA 30th Anniversary Men's Track and Field Team

James Bassen, Emory                                 

Michael Bennett, Chicago                               

Todd Bjerkaas, Washington                         

Nik Bonaddio, Carnegie Mellon                 

Demetrios Brizzolara, Chicago                               

Nathan Cheek, Carnegie Mellon                

Dan Davis, Washington                         

Dave Domingos, Brandeis                              

Alex Drollinger, CWRU                                

Zachary Erra-Hernandez, Carnegie Mellon                 

Tyler Faits, Emory                                 

Ian Francis, Emory                                 

Geoff Getz, Brandeis                              

Allen Glenn, Washington                         

Erwin Grabisna, CWRU                                

Alex Greenhouse, Emory                                 

Paul Hannen, CWRU                                

Ben Harmon, Washington                         

Brian Harvey, Carnegie Mellon                 

Tom Haxton, Chicago                               

Maxwell Hoberman, Emory                                 

Pierre Hoppenot, Washington                         

Charlie Hu, Emory                                 

James Hulley, Carnegie Mellon                 

Jeff Illian, Carnegie Mellon                 

Tyler Jackson, Washington                         

T.J. Jennings, Emory                                 

Aaron Johnston-Peck, CWRU                                    

Tim Julien, Washington                         

Rob Leventhal, Emory                                 

Frederick Linton, Emory                                 

Andrew Locke, Rochester                            

Kevin Luthy, CWRU                                

Adeoye Mabogunje, Chicago                               

Krisztian Majdik, NYU

Andrew Maneval, Chicago

Drew Martin, Washington

Tom Matta, Carnegie Mellon

George McCleary, Emory

Matthew McCloskey, NYU

Daniel McKinney, NYU

Antone Meaux, Washington

Mike Moserowitz, Emory

Chris Nehls, Emory

Josh Newby, Carnegie Mellon

Owen Norley, Carnegie Mellon

Paul Norton, Brandeis

Obinna Nwanna, CWRU

Seyi Oyenuga, Chicago

Daniel Pietsch, Emory

Daniel Povitsky, Chicago

Matthew Powers, NYU

Deko Ricketts, Washington

Jacob Schofel, Carnegie Mellon

Mario Simpson, Rochester

David Skiba, Washington

Dave Smith, Washington

Eric Tang, Carnegie Mellon

Troy Thompson, Emory

Andrew Tonniges, NYU

Thomas Vandenberg, Carnegie Mellon

Nathaniel Wahner, CWRU

D.L. Warfield, Washington

Harry Weintraub, CWRU

Kyle Whitling, CWRU

Chris Williams, Emory

Marvin Williams, Washington

Vincent Zarillo, NYU

Karl Zelik, Washington