2016 UAA Men's Cross Country Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Thu. 1 Emory 1st of 5 at Mount Berry Watermelon Run 1st of 5
Fri. 2 John Carroll 26, CRWU 29 26-29
  Chicago 1st of 10 at St. Francis (IL) Invitational 1st of 10
  Rochester 4th of 6 at St. John Fisher Flower City Opener 4th of 6
  Washington 2nd of 7 at Gabby Reuveni Early Bird 2nd of 7
Sat. 3 Brandeis 1st of 5 at Roger Williams Invitational 1st of 5
  Carnegie Mellon at Duquesne Duals
Fri. 9 Chicago 1st of 17 at Aurora Invitational 1st of 17
Sat. 10 Emory 6th of 23 at Furman Classic 6th of 23
  NYU 3rd of 14 at Vassar Ron Stonitsch Invitational 3rd of 14
Sat. 17 Brandeis 5th of 33 at UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 5th of 33
  Carnegie Mellon 1st of 17 at Saint Vincent Invitational 1st of 17
  CWRU 2nd, Rochester 14th of 29 at Yellowjackets Invitational 2nd, 14th of 29
  CWRU 2nd of 11 at Behrend Invitational 2nd of 11
  Washington 1st of 14 at Gil Dodds Invitational 1st of 14
  Winfield, IL
  Emory 6th of 13 at Montevallo Falcon Classic 6th of 13
Fri. 23 Chicago 3rd of 21 at Augustana Invitational 3rd of 21
Sat. 24 Rochester 2nd of 22 at Roberts Wesleyan Harry Anderson Invitational 2nd of 22
  NYU 9th of 23 at Williams Purple Valley Classic 9th of 23
Fri. 30 CWRU 13th of 37 at All-Ohio Championships 13th of 37
  Cedarville, OH
  Chicago 4th of 13 at Illinois Intercollegiates 4th of 13
  Bourbonnais, IL
Sat. 1 Carnegie Mellon 3rd, Emory 5th of 43 at Greater Louisville Classic 3rd, 5th of 43
  NYU 5th, Rochester 22nd of 45 at Lehigh Paul Short Run 5th, 22nd of 45
  Rochester 15th of 24 at SUNY Geneseo Mike Woods Invitational 15th of 24
  Washington 1st of 3 at SIUE-Edwardsville John Flamer Invitational 1st of 3
Fri. 7 NYU 7th of 10 at Metropolitan Championships 7th of 10
  Van Courtlandt Park
Sat. 8 Brandeis 1st of 41 at James Early Invitational 1st of 41
  Westfield, MA
  Carnegie Mellon 1st of 9 at CMU Invitational 1st of 9
  Chicago 6th of 12 at Lucian Rosa Invitational 6th of 12
  Kenosha, WI
Sat. 15 Brandeis 5th of 20 at Connecticut College Invitational 5th of 20
  Carnegie Mellon 1st, CWRU 6th of 32 at Inter-Regional Rumble 1st, 6th of 32
  Oberlin, OH
  Washington 4th, Chicago 9th of 37 at Wisconsin-Oshkosh AAE Invitationals 4th, 9th of 37
  NYU 5th, Emory 7th, Rochester 25th of 43 at Rowan Inter-Regional Border Battle 5th, 7th, 25th of 43
  Emory 3rd of 19 at Berry Invitational 3rd of 19
Sat. 29 UAA Championship at Emory *
  McIntosh Reserve Park, Whitesburg, GA
Thu. 3 Washington 1st of 3 at North Central College 1st of 3
Sat. 5 NYU 1st of 18 at ECAC Championships 1st of 18
Sat. 12 Brandeis 9th of 56 at New England Regional 9th of 56
  Westfield, MA
  Carnegie Mellon 3rd of 52 at Mideast Regional 3rd of 52
  Center Valley, PA
  CWRU 6th of 36 at Great Lakes Regional 6th of 36
  Holland, MI
  Washington 4th, Chicago 9th of 33 at Midwest Regional 4th, 9th of 33
  Oshkosh, WI
  NYU 4th, Rochester 19th of 43 at Atlantic Regional 4th, 19th of 43
  Glassboro, NJ
  Emory 3rd of 29 at South/Southeast Regional @ Berry College Clara Bowl Course 3rd of 29
Sat. 19 NCAA Division III Championship %
  Louisville, KY (Tom Sawyer Park)
* Conference
% Postseason
Bold: Home event