2017 UAA Men's Cross Country Schedule

Date Teams/Event Time Score Links
Fri. 1 Brandeis 1st of 3 at Wellesley Invitational 1st of 3
  CWRU 2nd of 3 at Sudeck Sunset Classic Stampede 2nd of 3
  Hunting Valley, OH
  Emory 1st of 5 at Georgia DIII Invitational @ Mount Berry, GA 1st of 5
  NYU 1st of 4 at Vassar Season Starter 1st of 4
  Chicago 2nd of 13 at St. Francis Twilight Invitational 2nd of 13
  Rochester 4th of 4 at Brockport Opener 4th of 4
  Washington 20, Greenville 35 20-35
Sat. 2 Carnegie Mellon at Duquesne Duals @ Schenley Park, Pittsburgh
Fri. 8 NYU 4th of 4 at Columbia Invitational 4th of 4
Sat. 9 CWRU 4th of 18 at Ohio Wesleyan Invitational 4th of 18
  Emory 5th of 14 at Furman Classic 5th of 14
  Chicago 5th of 10 at Wisconsin-Parkside Midwest Open 5th of 10
  Rochester 5th of 12 at Hamilton Short Course Invitational 5th of 12
Sat. 16 Brandeis 2nd of 40 at UMass-Dartmouth Invitational 2nd of 40
  Carnegie Mellon 1st of 11 at Allegheny Invitational 1st of 11
  CWRU 4th of 11 at Allegheny Invitational 4th of 11
  Emory 1st of 9 at Georgia College Bobcat Invitational 1st of 9
  Washington 1st of 14 at Gil Dodd Invitational 1st of 14
Sat. 23 Rochester 19th of 26 at Williams Purple Valley Classic 19th of 26
Fri. 29 Carnegie Mellon 3rd, NYU 6th of 24 at Paul Short Invitational @ Lehigh University 3rd, 6th of 24
  CWRU 9th of 38 at All-Ohio Championships @ Cedarville College 9th of 38
  Chicago 2nd of 16 at Olivet Nazarene Midwest Intercollegiate 2nd of 16
  Washington 1st of 9 at Millikin H.W. Wright Classic 1st of 9
Sat. 30 Brandeis 1st of 9 at Keene State Invitational 1st of 9
  Emory 1st of 20 at Jacksonville State Foothills Invitational 1st of 20
  Rochester 7th of 18 at Geneseo Mike Woods Invitational 7th of 18
Sat. 7 Carnegie Mellon 2nd of 20 at Carnegie Mellon Invitational @ Schenley Park, Pittsburgh 2nd of 20
  NYU 1st of 16 at Houghton Highlander Invitational 1st of 16
  Chicago 6th of 9 at Lucian Rosa Invitational @ Kenosha, Wisconsin 6th of 9
Fri. 13 NYU 8th of 11 at Metropolitan Championships 8th of 11
Sat. 14 CWRU 2nd of 13 at Inter-Regional Rumble @ Oberlin College 2nd of 13
  Brandeis 5th of 20 at Connecticut College Invitational 5th of 20
  Carnegie Mellon 2nd of 28 at Rowan Inter-Regional Invitational 2nd of 28
  CWRU 3rd, Rochester 10th of 17 at Yellowjacket Invitational 3rd, 10th of 17
  Washington 5th, Chicago 15th, Emory 17th of 38 at Principia Cowbell Classic 5th, 15th, 17th of 38
  Emory 1st of 18 at Berry Invitational 1st of 18
Sat. 28 UAA Cross Country Championship at NYU *
Thu. 2 Washington 1st of 4 at North Central Meet 1st of 4
Sat. 4 NYU 1st of 12 at ECAC Championships @ Hudson Valley Sports Dome 1st of 12
Sat. 11 Brandeis 6th of 54 at New England Regional Championships @ Southern Maine 6th of 54
  Carnegie Mellon 2nd of 51 at NCAA Mideast Regional @ Big Spring HS, Newville, PA 2nd of 51
  CWRU 7th of 36 at Great Lakes Regional @ Powell, OH 7th of 36
  Emory 3rd of 32 at South/Southeast Regional @ Newport News, Virginia 3rd of 32
  NYU 5th, Rochester 20th of 42 at Atlantic Regional @ Houghton College 5th, 20th of 42
  Washington 3rd, Chicago 6th of 36 at Midwest Regional @ Rock Island, Illinois 3rd, 6th of 36
Sat. 18 NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships @ Principia College
* Conference
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