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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Softball Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Softball Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its All-Association 30th Anniversary Softball Team. Fifty-four student-athletes earned the honor, including 16 from Washington University and 15 from Emory University.

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The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Most Valuable Player/Player of the Year or accumulated five or more points with two points awarded for All-Association first-team recognition, and one point for second-team honors in her career. All-Tournament designation, an additional award that began in 2009, is based solely on tournament competition and was not considered for this award.

Highlighting the honorees is the only player in softball history to earn Most Valuable Player honors four consecutive years, Laurel Sagartz of Washington, who accomplished the feat from 2004-07. Megan Light of Emory was named Most Valuable Player three times, first in her rookie season in 2011 and then in back-to-back years in 2013 and 2014. She earned All-Association first team recognition four times.

Five Bears joined Sagartz as four-time All-Association selections: Victoria Ramsey (2002-05), Monica Hanono (2003-06), Ashton Hitchcock (2007-10), Claire Voris (2008-11), and Corissa Santos (2009-12). Hannah Mehrle and Anna McKee were named the first Position Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year, respectively, in 2017. 

Six other Eagles earned Most Valuable Player accolades: Melissa Roberts (2001), Nicole Kovski (2002), Tamara Boggs (2003), Megan Light (2011), Bridget Holloway (2012), and Brittany File (2016). Roberts earned All-Association honors four times (2000-03) as did Cassie Walsh (2007-10) and Kim Bandy (2006-09).

Others who earned All-Associaton accolades four times were Melissa Jones (1996-99), Erin Ross (2007-10), and Amanda Genovese (2012-15) of Brandeis University, Carla Kinyon (1998-2001) and Annie Wennenberg (2014-17) of Case Western Reserve University, and Jenna Robertson (2004-07), Beth Ameno (2006-09), and Nina Korn (2011-14) of University of Rochester.

In 23 years, 45 teams from the UAA have earned a trip to the NCAA Division III Softball Championship. Emory reached the Division III eight-team quarterfinal round in 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2016. Washington University finished as the national runner-up in 2007. Rochester reached the NCAA quarterfinal round in 2014. 

All-Association 30th Anniversary Softball Team

Sara Albert, Brandeis                                 

Beth Ameno, Rochester                               

Kim Bandy, Emory                                    

Tamara Boggs, Emory                                    

Allison Bouknight, Emory                                    

Jessee Boyce, Brandeis                                 

Melisa Cagar, Brandeis                                 

Lauren Dix, Emory                                    

Adrienne Douglass, CWRU                                   

Brittany File, Emory                                    

Amanda Genovese, Brandeis                                 

Tricia Gomes, Brandeis                                 

Anne Gregory, Washington                            

Elizabeth Hampson, Emory                                    

Monica Hanono, Washington                            

Danielle Hari, Chicago                                  

Ashton Hitchcock, Washington                            

Bridget Holloway, Emory                                    

Melissa Jones, Brandeis                                 

Carla Kinyon, CWRU                                   

Nina Korn, Rochester                               

Nicole Kovski, Emory                                    

Jamie Kressel, Washington                            

Megan Light, Emory                                    

Lindsay Macaluso, Rochester                               

Beth Marquardt, Chicago                                  

Anna McKee, Washington                            

Hannah Mehrle, Washington

Maggie Mullen, Washington

Sarah Morse, Emory

Mary Nicol, Emory

Molly O’Brien, CWRU

Becky Palmer, CWRU

Erica Peterson, Brandeis

Annie Pitkin, Washington

Victoria Ramsey, Washington

Michelle Rizzo, Chicago

Melissa Roberts, Emory

Amanda Roberts, Washington

Jena Robertson, Rochester

Erin Ross, Brandeis

Laurel Sagartz, Washington

Corissa Santos, Washington

Melanie Simpson, CWRU

Jessica Sorrentino, Rochester

Karli Stander, Washington

Emily Sunshine, Emory

Liz Swary, Washington

Jessica Thomas, Emory

Claire Voris, Washington

Cassie Walsh, Emory

Annie Wennerberg, CWRU

Adrienne White, Washington

Jennifer Wu, Chicago