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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Women's Basketball Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Women's Basketball Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Women's Basketball Team. Forty-seven student-athletes earned the honor, including an Association-high 11 from Washington University.

UAA 30th Anniversary Women's Basketball Release

The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Player of the Year or accumulated five or more points with two points awarded for All Association first-team recognition, and one point for second-team honors in her career.

Among those honored are three-time Players of the Year Alia Fischer of Washington University, who garnered the top honor from 1998-2000, and Jessica McEntee of NYU, who accomplished the feat from 2007-09. Other repeat Player of the Year honorees are Lisa Murphy (2016-17) of Carnegie Mellon University, Patti McCrudden (1988-89), Donna Layne (1993-94), and Marsha Harris (1996-97) of NYU, and Kelly Manning (2005-06) and Melissa Gilkey (2014-15) of the Bears.

Twelve Players of the Year totaling 21 seasons have been from NYU or Washington University. Rachel Wojdowski was the only Violets' Player of the Year to earn the honor once in 2004. Karen Hermann (1991), Michele Lewis (1992), Tasha Rodgers (2001), and Laura Crowley (2003) were all one-time Player of the Year honorees of the Bears.

Murphy, Kristin Maschka (1988-91) of University of Chicago, and Kelly Manning (2003-06) of Washington University earned First Team All-Association honors in each of their four seasons. Current student-athletes Kaitlyn Read of NYU and Alexandra Leslie of University of Rochester have earned First Team All-Association honors in each of their first three seasons.

Three-time First Team All-Association selections were Jaime Capra (2006-08) of Brandeis University; Jeanine Megahan (1991, 1993-94) of Carnegie Mellon University; Erin Rogalski (1999-2001), Ashleigh Tondo (2008-10), and Erin Hollinger (2010-12) of Case Western Reserve University; Alicia Moore (1996-98) of Emory University; Harris (1996-98), Jen Krolikowski (1995-97), and Megan Dawe (2014-16) of NYU; and Hermann (1989-91), Amy Schweizer (1995-96, 1998), Fisher (1998-2000), Rodgers (1999-2001), and Gilkey (2013-15) of the Bears. 

In 30 years, 26 teams from the UAA have reached the Elite Eight with 16 advancing to at least the NCAA Division III Women's Basketball Championship Final Four. Washington won four consecutive national titles from 1998-2001 and captured another championship in 2010. The Bears also advanced to the NCAA tournament final in 1994, 2007, 2009, and 2011. NYU won the NCAA title in 1997 and recorded Final Four appearances in 1996 and 2007. The University of Rochester made Final Four trips in 2003, 2004, and 2010.

University Athletic Association
30th Anniversary Women's Basketball Team

Melissa Alwardt, Rochester                            

Jaime Capra, Brandeis                              

Jessica Chapin, Brandeis                              

Laura Crowley, Washington                         

Megan Dawe, NYU                                   

Janice Evans, Washington                         

Alia Fischer, Washington                         

Danielle Fitzpatrick, Brandeis                              

Melissa Gilkey, Washington                         

Ashley Gordon, Emory                                 

Marsha Harris, NYU                                   

Karen Hermann, Washington                         

Morgan Herrick, Chicago                               

Erin Hollinger, CWRU                                

Hallie Hutchens, Washington                         

Evy Iacono, CWRU                                

Mandy Jackson, Emory                                 

Carrie Kaczmarski, NYU                                   

Jen Krolikowski, NYU                                   

Donna Layne, NYU                                   

Alexandra Leslie, Rochester                            

Michele Lewis, Washington                         

Hannah Lilly, Emory                                 

Caitlin Malcolm, Brandeis          

Kelly Manning, Washington

Julie Marriott, Rochester

Kristin Maschka, Chicago

Patti McCrudden, NYU

Jessica McEntee, NYU

Jaimie McFarlin, Washington

Jeanine Megahan, Carnegie Mellon

Nofi Mojidi, Chicago

Alicia Moore, Emory

Lisa Murphy, Carnegie Mellon        

JeNine Nickerson, CWRU

Racheal Perry, Brandeis

Kaitlyn Read, NYU

Tasha Rodgers, Washington

Erin Rogalski, CWRU

Korry Schwanz, Chicago

Amy Schweizer, Washington

Taylor Simpson, Chicago

Michelle Sodini, Carnegie Mellon

Ashleigh Tondo, CWRU

Lora Turner, Emory

Kelly Wescott, Rochester

Rachel Wojdowski, NYU