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UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team

UAA Announces 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team

The University Athletic Association has announced its 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team. Forty-eight student-athletes earned the honor with at least 10 honorees from all three UAA wrestling schools, including an Association-best 20 from NYU. 

The team consists of each student-athlete who was named Most Outstanding Wrestler, was named to the All-Association team at least three times in his career, and/or captured an individual NCAA title.

Among those honored are the only three to earn back-to-back Most Outstanding Wrestler honors: Mat McClenahan (1990-91) of NYU, Mario Springer (1993-94) of the University of Chicago, and Isaac Dukes (2010-11) of Case Western Reserve University.

Frank Arado (Chicago, 1989-92), Chris Ricklic (CWRU, 1992-95), Derek Messmer (CWRU, 1993-96), Neil Rodak and Jeff Combs (Chicago, 1995-98), Jason Snow (NYU, 1999-2002), Nick Kehagias (Chicago, 2001-04), Troy Carlson (Chicago, 2007-10), and Ryan Hatten (Chicago, 2008-11) each earned All-Association honors four times.

Eleven NYU grapplers earned All-Association honors in three consecutive years: Nathan Pike (2015-17), John Messinger (2015-17), Brandon Jones (2013-15), Patrick Sheehan (2013-15), David Rice (2011-13), Matt Magill (2009-11), Kyle Christiansen (2007-09), Nick Coleman (2006-08), Mike Oldham (1998-2000), McClenahan (1989-1991), and Ben Weinthal (1988-90). Sabino Galassi (2010-11, 2013), and Matt DiGiovanni (2012, 2014-15) earned All-Associaton honors three times in four years.

Phil Kruzel (2005-07), Steve Mlynarczyk (1999-2001), J.R. Moore (1999-2001), Brett Castillo (1992-94), Pat Payne (1990-92), Doug Logan (1988-90), and Cary Starnal (1988-90) of the Maroons each garnered All-Association accolades three consecutive times.

Mike Sanchez (2004-06), Desi Molina (1999-2001) and Scott Miller (1988-90) of CWRU earned three consecutive All-Association honors, while Drew Gardella (2006, 2008-09) was honored three times in four years.

In 30 years, 39 individuals from the UAA have earned All-America recognition at the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships. Peter Wang of Chicago (177 pounds, 1991-92) and Ricklic (167 pounds, 1994-95) each captured back-to-back national individual titles. Wang was named Division III Most Outstanding Wrestler in 1992. Pike (133 pounds, 2017), Dukes (149 pounds, 2010), and Messmer (Heavyweight, 1996) also won NCAA individual championships.

UAA 30th Anniversary Wrestling Team

Frank Arado, Chicago                                  

Robert Bruce, NYU                                      

Andy Bugajski, Chicago                                  

Troy Carlson, Chicago                                  

Brett Castillo, Chicago                                  

Kyle Christiansen, NYU                                     

Nick Coleman, NYU                                      

Jeff Combs, Chicago                                  

Travis Cox, CWRU                                   

Matt DiGiovanni, NYU                                      

Isaac Dukes, CWRU                                   

Sabino Galassi, NYU                                      

Drew Gardella, CWRU                                   

Ryan Hatten, Chicago                                  

Andy Horrigan, CWRU                                   

Stephen Hult, NYU                                      

Raymond Jazikoff, NYU                                      

Brandon Jones, NYU                                      

Nick Kehagias, Chicago                                  

Gene Kobilansky, NYU                                      

Phil Kruzel, Chicago                                  

Doug Logan, Chicago                                  

Matt Magill, NYU                                      

Mat McClenahan, NYU   

John Messinger, NYU

Derek Messmer, CWRU

Scott Miller, CWRU

Steve Mlynarczyk, Chicago

Desi Molina, CWRU

J.R. Moore, Chicago

Chris Nader, CWRU

Ai Nguyen, Chicago

Michael Oldham, NYU

Pat Payne, Chicago

Nathan Pike, NYU

James Powderly, NYU

David Rice, NYU

Chris Ricklic, CWRU

Neal Rodak, Chicago

Vinnie Russo, NYU

Mike Sanchez, CWRU

Josh Schmidt, CWRU

Patrick Sheehan, NYU

Jason Snow, NYU

Mario Springer, Chicago

Cary Starnal, Chicago

Peter Wang, Chicago

Ben Weinthal, NYU