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Emory Women's Tennis Wraps Up Thailand Trip

Emory Women's Tennis Wraps Up Thailand Trip

From Emory University Athletics

Freshman Sasha Hartje reflects on the final day in Thailand for the Emory women's tennis team:

Today (January 15th) was the last day in Thailand for Emory Women's Tennis *sheds tear* and once again it was an early wake up call. 7am breakfast, 7:20am departure, 8am match... yes I just said match. 7:40, 7:50, 7:58 and we were just now approaching the courts; looks like there was not going to be a warmup for us today. We look around the red truck at all of our faces and think "this should be interesting".  As we were riding in this truck, it felt like we were representing America in the Olympics and we were on our way to the first round match. It was exhilarating. Only it was nothing like the Olympics and we were totally kidding ourselves but hey, a girl can dream right?  We hopped onto the courts, had a quick dynamic warmup, introduced ourselves, and it was time to play. Half of us were playing guys which was a refreshing change of pace and half of us were playing girls. But don't be fooled because a few of these girls were on the Thai national team! Emory Women's Tennis was definitely ready to play today as I cannot point out a single person who played even remotely bad. Congrats Eags!

The match was over and our final workout was complete; time for the spa!! First we went back to Cinda and Alan's (shoutout to you guys, you were unbelievable hosts and you WILL be missed) to quickly shower and finish packing. Our lunch was a nice change from all the Pad Thai and rice we have been eating as we all ordered a huge salad and finished every bite. You don't see us craving a salad very often. We walked into the spa and were immediately greeted with cold water and mints which was a good sign that we were about to have an amazing massage. All of us picked different versions of a two hour massage, some having an herbal steam, while others having a facial or a scrub. Amy decided on a rejuvenating facial and I told her she looked 20 years old and she told me I'm officially her favorite, which I know makes the rest of the team jealous but that's not my problem. On the ride back we got to hear about everyone's massages and some had a more unique experience than others *cough cough Anna and Bridget*.

We are now headed for the airport on our way back to the USA and the end of an amazing journey. Our trip to Thailand is something that this team will remember for the rest of our lives and we have all created a bond unlike any other. Emory Women's Tennis came; Emory Women's Tennis saw; and Emory Women's Tennis conquered the beautiful country of Thailand. We hope that you all continue to follow us throughout the season and thank you for sharing this adventure with us!

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